JTT Spider C85 The Revolution of Drone Technology

A New Flagship Industrial Drone

Drone designers and software developers are always unleashing new possibilities. If we look back through the history, the revolution of the industrial drone could be broke down into several generations.

Basic remote control aircraft of all forms can be considered as the 1st generation. As for the 2nd generation, static design and video recording/still photos appeared on the smart industrial drones. Afterwards, the 2 Axis Gimbals turned to 3 Axis Gimbals, then to 360° Gimbals. 1080P HD video replaced the general HD video capturing and the intelligent piloting modes replaced the autopilot modes.

Currently, we are at the 7th generation of smart drones. Fully compliant safety and regulatory standards based design, platform and payload interchangeability, automated safety modes, enhanced intelligent piloting models and full autonomy, full airspace awareness, and auto action are considered as the standard configuration.

It can be hard keeping up with all new drone technology entering the market constantly. We take the JTT Spider C85 as an example to give you some general idea that what you want to pay attention when picking a smart industrial drone for your business.

Highly Intelligent Design

To ensure reliability and stability, “Spider C85” is highly intelligent and has many powerful functions. Spider C85 not only support “easy flight mode”, “intelligent return”, “mobile phone control” and other flight modes, but also support functions like “interest point”, “automatic cruise”, “mobile following”, “intelligent obstacle avoidance” and “optical flow positioning” that conforms to complex and diverse industries and application environments.

Easy Operation

For the traditional drone, the learning curve of operation is steep. Many manufactures and designers were dedicated in providing smart drones that can be operated easily. The Spider C85 by JTT was made to be a pick-up and go one. Training period for this one has been shortened within 10 minutes. With simple mode enabled, the drone will automatically set the height and distance. No matter where the UAV heads to, the drone will automatically recognize and record the location of the operator. Besides, instant take off, instant landing, route planning, navigational flight, and many other user-friendly functions are also integrated in the Spider C85.

Hassel-Free Carry On

Traditional industrial drones are of large sizes, great weight, and hard to disassemble. Such features require a big storage and cost a lot when transportation. However, the Spider C85 can be quickly deployed and folded into a backpack easily. Starting with taking out the drone from the backpack, unfold the drone, install the batteries, set the payloads and then power on, the whole process only takes 30 seconds.

Nowadays, smart industrial drones are used in different circumstances, including security patrol, criminal arresting, mass incidents responding, emergency rescue, crowded area and major traffic roads smart surveillance and other public security applications. Furthermore, JTT Technology also provided a series of solutions to daily routines and particular task for army, police fire control system, electric-power industry or petrochemical industry.