“We knew we’re able to switch people’s lives if we’re able to harness the world’s compute to develop artificial cleverness on a truly vast scale.”

In 2007, Antoine Blondeau and I asked ourselves a straightforward but ambitious question: That great things could we accomplish by harnessing the world’s compute to develop artificial intelligence on a really vast scale?

Having worked together by start-ups, including a youthful AI company that designed the agent oriented natural terminology technology that later started to be Apple’s Siri, we felt well positioned to get our answer.

The convergence of two important trends-the emergence of relatively low priced, available computing power combined with a fresh abundance of massive info sets-created an ideal storm of chance of us to try something new. We saw enormous potential in the capability to scale evolutionary computation (a branch of AI that designs software creation on biological development) and deep understanding how to create a distinct kind of AI platform. This platform would be capable of engaging in autonomous decision-making to greatly help businesses deliver mission-important value not only by increasing their bottom line, but by enriching people’s lives.

To make it happen we initially had to handle three complex challenges: (1) cost-effectively acquiring the massive computer electricity required; (2) scaling evolutionary computation (EC) to thousands of CPU cores and (3) forging a pathway to integrate EC with deep learning technology.

In late 2014, we emerged from stealth as Sentient Technologies and unveiled the original consequence of our labours: a massively distributed AI platform that, having already verified its value in the financial products and services sector, was prepared to take on a bunch of new and varied global considerations.

While we continue steadily to work with our massively distributed AI based on Evolutionary Cleverness for trading, we are focusing on setting up out our unique capacities in deep understanding how to solve real-world challenges in other sectors like e-commerce and health care. At the forefront of these battles are Sentient-powered photograph recognition and analysis capacities we call visual intelligence.

In 2016 and beyond, we will continue steadily to build out our truly clever system, seeking to new scientific areas like artificial life to build up AI concepts which will enable organizations and people worldwide to see more, decide better and act faster.